Aftermath of the Divided Empire War

To Seawatch Castle

After leaving the Islands of Silk and Spice, the group of samurai assigned with contact and inspection of the Crab clan journeyed to a point just south of the Valley of the Centipede. Along the way, a drunken Mantis samurai pantomimed the group and insulted them dearly, to which the Kakita took without umbrage and let the manners of the man so low to insult the founding Kami of the Scorpion clan lead him into trouble elsewhere, turning his cheek. The party followed his example, except for the Scorpion, who was not present to defend his family’s honor.

Disembarking, and ridding themselves of the foul presence of the uncouth Mantis samurai, a plan was quickly implemented which involved riding south along the coast, through Seawatch Castle to Shinden Asahina, and from there, to Yasuki Yashiki and across the bay to Clear Water Village. It is assumed that the written word of the Emperor will be enough to allow them to cross, and the path was laid out before; our heroes did set forth.

Arriving, some small amount of days later, at Seawatch Castle, the party was given audience with the daimyo, and a thoughtful gift had been presented to and accepted by the daimyo. The group was then asked to dine with the court that evening, during which the arrival of a Miya herald allowed all present to know that the Divided Empire War was officially over, and the healing of the Empire would begin. The mission to bring the Crab Clan back into the embrace of the Great Clans was of even larger importance. However, after the story of how the Phoenix, Bayushi, and Togashi arrived and dealt with the Emperor was spoken to the crowd, they began to murmur amongst themselves, and find excuses to leave to write missives to their superiors.

A couple days later, the group began to leave Seawatch castle, preparing to trod the coastal road towards Shinden Asahina.

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The Adventure Commences

The adventure begins with the arrival of the deputation of the Scorpion-Phoenix clan alliance to Mantis lands, with a Dragon monk leading the small group to meet with the Emperor, who had removed himself from his home due to war encroaching on his castle’s walls. After showing deference, the Dragon spoke of the war being over, and the Clans hopefully working together to ascertain the condition of the Crab, the last clan, who stayed out of the war and barred themselves from Rokugan, and from whom no contact had been made for 8 years until 2 days before, when the Crab Clan Champion fell from thin air, onto the floor 10 steps away from where the monk now stood. The Champion spoke his last words, delivered a parchment, and died, turning to stone on the spot.

Due to the nature of the letter, the Emperor accepted the reunification of the Empire, and immediately asked for the various talents of the Clans to assist him in an information gathering. Such was the makeup of the group that it served as a new symbol of Rokugan; although the individual members would argue about what has come to pass, working together to further the goals of the whole was of the highest importance. It came to pass that several of the current court functionaries and emissaries from the other lands had, in their entourages, members who could serve on this team to solve the issues in Crab lands; a Crane Kakita Duelist, a Lion Matsu Shugenja, and a Unicorn Moto Bushi. The Scorpion Bayushi courtier and Phoenix Isawa Shugenja who accompanied the Togashi Monk were happy at the prospect of assisting by joining this team, and so, after some preparation, they set off on the first leg of their journey together, riding one of the boats of the esteemed fleet of the Mantis.


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