Matsu Togosa (Deceased)


Name: Matsu Togosa
Clan: Lion
School: Kitsu
Rank: 1
Experience Points: 6
Insight: 142

Honor: 6.0
Glory: 1.1
Status: 1
Taint: Known to GM

Earth: 2
Stamina: 2
Willpower: 2

Air: 2
Reflexes: 2
Awareness: 3

Water: 3
Strength: 3
Perception: 3

Fire: 2
Agility: 2
Intelligence: 2

Void: 2
Void Points Remaining: 2

Earth x 2 Level: 4
Earth x 5 Healthy: 10

Wound Level Penalty HP per Level
Healthy 0 0-10
Nicked 3 11-14
Grazed 5 15-19
Hurt 10 20-23
Injured 15 24-27
Crippled 20 28-31
Down 40 32-35
Out Unconscious 36-39

Rate of Wound Heal
Stamina x 2 + Rank: 5
Current Heal Rate: 5

Rank/Reflexes: 3k2
Current Initiative: 3k2

Armor TN
Type/Bonus: None :(
Current TN: 15

Weapon 1

Weapon 2

Skills Trait Rank Roll Emphasis/Mastery Abilites
Battle Per (3) 3 6k3
Calligraphy (Cipher) Int (2) 2 4k2
Etiquette Awa (3) 4 7k3 +3 Insight
Lore:History Int (2) 2 4k2
Lore:Theology Int (2) 2 4k2
Spellcraft Int (2) 3 5k2
Games (Go) Int (2) 3 5k2
Medicine Int (2) 2 4k2

Advantages (Exp) – Explanation

Ally (2/2) -4
Friendly Kami (Water, Sister of the Lake) -5

Disadvantages (Exp) – Explanation

Gullible +4
Brash + 4
Contrary +3

Personal Information
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 170
Hair: Bl
Eyes: Br

Father: Akodo Shino
Mother: Matsu Miko
Siblings: Matsu Nakaki (Deceased), Matsu Hira (Deceased), Kitsu Oka (Deceased), Matsu Suzu (Deceased)
Marital Status: Single

Scroll Satchel
Travelling pack:
Chop Sticks
Divination Kit (Yarrow Sticks)
Candles (6)
Cooking Pot
Miniature Go Set
Parchemnt/Charcoal (10)
Spare Kimono/Sandals
Small Tent
Tatami Mat
Week’s Rations
3 Koku 1 Bu

School Techniques
Spellcasting vs 5 x Target WP, see all spiritual traits
Spend a Void Point: Negate a Spiritual Advantage
Free raise on all Battle spells

3 Water
Path to Inner Peace : Heal wounds equal to margin of Spellcasting success.
Bo of Water: DR 1k2. If have staves, free raise for knockdown. Raises DR 1k0 Duration +5 min Range +5’
Spirit of Water : Range 20’. Extra simple action to recipient. Raises: Range +5’ 5 Raises: Action is complex
2 Air
Blessed Wind : +15 Armor TN vs Ranged in 15’ Radius. Raises: 3 to target another person
To Seek the Truth : 5 min ignore TN penalties from a single effect. TN increase by applicable rank of spell used. Raises: Duration +1 min
1 Earth
Jade Strike : Range 100’, DR 3k3 against individuals with 1
Ranks of taint. Raises: +1k0 Dmg, +10’ Range, +1 Targets (max 5)


Tall and broad for a Shugenja, with the Matsu square jaw. Still, his school did not place the same emphasis on physical ability as the Matsu Bushi school would have and many would say a man of his build would make a poor samurai.
Though his gifts would forever preclude him to risk his life on the very front lines, Togosa’s devotion to his unit and its commander is unquestionable. Perhaps all the more so because he could not serve and die as a “proper” Matsu, as did his brothers and sisters on the western border of Lion lands. He obeys his orders with precision, gusto, and sometimes genuine joy. Despite himself, he’s starting to see himself as a sort of custodian of his unit, taking care of them with his more-experienced First Shugenja that they might bring glory to the Clan.
His sensei, Kitsu Aramaki. Togosa was a “problem student.” Had he known that the insight given to him by the Ancestors would have sent him to “Shugenja Finishing School,” he would have damn well kept his mouth shut. Aramaki saw that in him, and made it his personal mission to teach Togosa to walk his path. As Togosa grew, he and Aramaki become very close over Go games as they debated the philosophy of bushido to help Togosa overcome his misgivings. They remain in contact even today.
Weakness: In order to compensate for leaving his Bushi brothers and sisters for Shiro Kitsu, he learned to conduct himself in a certain… way. As Aramaki put it, he sure knows how to “cram his foot into his goddamn mouth.”
Strength: Indomitable will to serve. At least as far as he knows. Though battle tests all samurai, his role as a shugenja and status as a precious resource has kept him from truly witnessing the horror of combat. The closest he ever came was when the lines broke in a battle against the Scorpions. Of the four men who survived in the immediate aftermath of that push, two escorted him (dragged him, really) from the fray, while two more died covering their withdrawl. Though it was their duty to die, that fact has a bitter taste that he seeks to sweeten by redoubling his efforts to be a great soldier.
He’s a Matsu. His lack of katanas notwithstainding. Strength and Courage are tantamount. He’s also a naively trusting individual; something that has come to haunt him in the past and gotten him into a lot of fights (which he usually won) back in school. As such, he holds a special regard for honesty and sincerity. He’d like to know before he speaks when he should keep his mouth shut, but all the lessons in the Empire probably couldn’t drive that point home. Whether this is due to some intrinsic shortcoming or his private overcompensation for his situation is not really known.
You fight for your clan and you die for it. You do what your superiors tell you, and you don’t ask questions. Even though Kitsu shugnenja are generally expected to give a little more back-and-forth when it comes to the finer points of command, Togosa is all-to-aware of his own youth and in his heart he wishes he could serve as the “frontline grunt” he tries to be.
He’s not married. His life has barely begun, and marriage arrangements just haven’t been a thing yet.
The scorpion turned on the Empire. Again. The Dragon sent their samurai to fight and die and kill honorable Lion bushi over the Scorpion’s poisonous words; all the while justifying it with riddles and nonsense-talk. Perhaps one day their daimyos will die off to be replaced by those honorable souls who simply did their duty. Then those clans will be honorable again in his eyes.
Kitsu Aramaki taught him honor and duty in ways he was never prepared to learn. Without him, who knows what poor excuse for a Samurai Togosa may have turned out to be? Togosa knows this, and he feels a great debt of gratitude and pull of friendship to Aramaki. Obedience and service to his clan and to his currently-assigned unit are his duty and he is learning to be proud of that duty. But Togosa’s devotion to Aramaki is not simply that of a good soldier to his unit; it is the love of a son for a father.
Favorite: The water lapping against the shore of the lake near his home. As a child, before the incident, he’d often sit on the shore talking absently or contemplating whatever things bother a child’s mind. Sister of the Lake was there; listening to him speak and think and watching him grow up. Perhaps that was the reason Togosa was blessed with the gifts of magic. Perhaps it was also Sister of the Lake who left the lake in her brother’s charge and guided him to Aramaki and to a greater destiny beyond. If so, she hasn’t mentioned any of this to Togosa.
Least Favorite: Fraternizing with the Matsu. He serves behind them and does his duty, but listening to them boast and shout of their glories stirs a bitterness in him.
He speaks his mind, whether that’s a good idea or not. He puffs out his chest, tries to lead when people walk in groups, and endeavors to loom over those who are small, or even just sitting. He’s something of a loudmouth, though it’s more mannerism than volume.
He’s been trained to handle himself in battle. Fear is easy for him to repress. It’s hard for him to hide anger at those who would show dereliction in their duties, as he’s accepted a duty he resents.
Some people are idiots. Idiots just need to be corrected. Simple as that.
Hotheaded, envious of others’ duty… He’s caused his parents a great deal of headache. That said, their other children all died in the war. Whereas he may have normally been cut off or relegated to a position of unimportance, they’d like to someday teach him to truly relish his duty for its own sake and build him into the son they’d hope to have.
This is hard one for him to answer. The original ambition he’d had drilled into him before his gifts manifested is now pretty much impossible. A less-specific desire to achieve military glory has taken its place, but it’s fair to say that he doesn’t have any specific desire to end up any particular way.
He shares a bond with Sister of the Lake. He doesn’t know why Sister follows him around, but she does. It’s hard to not be spiritual under those circumstances. He goes to her and the other water kami reasonably often for guidance. He often eschews the typical Kitsu prayers to his ancestors; he believes they couldn’t relate. They’d tell him to accept his duty and be the shugenja he was meant to be (of course) and he might just know that even if he isn’t ready to admit it yet.
He’d like to die fighting, naturally. But as Aramaki put it, he’s more likely to die when someone attempts to “cut that foot out of his mouth.”

Died of Collateral Poisoning.

Matsu Togosa (Deceased)

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